Wednesday, 27 October 2010


4th Year Project

I have decided to do my fourth year project on the topic of animals in captivity. Just now i am making a short artists book about a bear in quarantine. This page refers to all the vaccinations that the animals must receive to battle the diseases they may have brought from other countries. I tried to make the injections as playful as i could...

Library of Babel project

Over the summer i worked in a flower shop, my boss's daughter got married and i was asked to make the 'Just Married' sign to hang off their vintage orange green bean!

Петя и волк

This is one page of a collaborative book i made with Stuart Campbell. We based it on the story of Peter and the Wolf, in particular the 2006 stop motion animation version directed by Suzie Templeton. I drew fat cat by hand and then we printed him using lithography. Later deciding to add some screen printed russian cyrillic text. I might upload some more of the book.

Gift cards...

Hi! I'm just starting a new blog so i will hopefully post lots of my work up soon. Going to first put up a selection of my older stuff...