Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Heading down to London tomorrow to exhibit my work at D&AD's New Blood Show. Look out for a very large pair of giraffe legs on the wall and you will find me...

Monday, 13 June 2011


Bonobo Chimps have been found to be one of the few animal species to demonstrate selfless acts of kindness. A chimp (no. 1) in a zoo was placed in a cage full of tasty food. In the cage next to him was another chimp (no. 2) with no food. The door between the two cages could only be opened by chimp no. 1. Before he even began to eat, he opened the door to allow the other chimp to share the food with him. The article I read this in drew a comparison to a human selfless act of kindness - giving blood.

When my mum lived in Cameroon, she had an African Grey parrot. He was moved from the busy living room into the quiet hallway where he became lonely and began to pluck out his own feathers...this lead to him being named Oven-Ready.
Silk screen printed Giraffe legs. These will be coming down to London with me...